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campaign s/s 16

Press Release

Dear Sisters,

JQ has changed its logo . JQ COSMETIC JEANS , we want ALL THE WOMEN of the world to know about the PERFECT FIT we have in JQ each season!

We can say it because WE HAVE:
1) 38 years of experience in making only female jeans!
2) 38 years of "Fabric innovation" including having launched the first stretch Denim!
3) Wash innovation and techniques!

What does "Cosmetic" mean:
- Nip & Tuck P1272 PENELOPE: A medium high waist jean with a Nip & Tuck effect. Nipping in the waist with its elastic curved waistband and tucking up the bottom with its specially angled yoke, cuts and pin tucks.
- Round up & Push in P1414 SARAH: A medium high waist jean with a Round up & Push in effect. Special curved waist and yoke angle details, to Round up the bottom and give an extra lift, whilst push in the tummy with its engineers "fly" details.
- Push in & Pull up P1354 ANITA: A medium high waist jean with a Push in & Pull up effect. Double front yoke to flatten and push in the tummy and the 4 piece curved waistband to pull up the bottom.
- Slim & Lift P1306H DANIELA - P1423 SUSY - P1416 RIHANNA - P1390AC KIM - P1399 DEBBIE - P682AC CATHERINE: All high waist with a Slim & Lift effect. Highlighting the 4 piece curved waistband to fit into the small of the back to accentuate the waistline, lengthen and slim hips and thighs, optically reducing by a size.

We are NOT JUST A BRAND who came up with a story, we are THE BRAND WITH A STORY AND A HISTORY.

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